RVA Transit, Inc.

Karaoke Bus Tour

Come experience the excitement of your favorite past-time, Karaoke, on a charter bus! We are excited to launch our Karaoke Bus Tour in Downtown Richmond. The series will begin soon!

Begin the night boarding the bus and submit your name to be chosen at random. When it's your time to shine, perform like it's your stage!

We will have 3 stops around town so that you can enjoy food and drinks along the way.

Karaoke Bus Tour

Tickets are limited and sold on a First Come, First Serve basis.

$40 per person

Karaoke Trolley Tour

Un-Wine'd - A Happy Hour Tour

We all know that 9-5s can get a little hectic and are so routine. Shake things up and unwind from your busy day, you deserve it!

Stops include 3-4 amazing bars/restaurants that offer drink specials and signature appetizers. Beat the rush with our distinguished wristbands and board the bus for networking and social hour.

There will be interactive games with relaxing prizes!

Happy Hour Tour

Tour dates coming soon.

$40 per person

call 804-338-1159 to be placed on the list for booking upon availability.

Speed Dating

Have you ever noticed how intimate you get on a short distance ride with a stranger? No judgement exists and you get to know the true person you are conversing with.

We've designed a Richmond Tour that will allow you to get to know each other in an intriguing, fun way!

"Dates" are paired at random and you will complete an activity and answer a questionnaire with each person you encounter.

Speed Dating

This tour starts soon and will run every Thursday!

Tickets are limited and sold on a First Come, First Serve basis.

$35 per person

Trolley Speed Dating

More Tours to Come!

Be on the lookout soon.